You Are Not Perfect So Stop Trying

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You are not perfect and never will be. So stop trying.

Sure, you can strive to be better but you need to realize there is a difference.

You will never have the perfect home, the perfect car, or the perfect spouse.

You will have a really great home, and possibly a great car, and maybe even a great spouse. But not perfect.

Perfection does not exist.

You can call something perfect. You may think it is perfect. And good for you. That’s a great attitude.

But if you are in this endless pursuit of perfection, you will be greatly disappointed.

All right stop. Collaborate and listen. Ice is back with a brand-new invention. JK.

Stop and reflect on your life.

Instead of trying to be perfect or make everything perfect, reflect.

Reflection brings things into prospective.

And don’t forget to count your perfect blessings.

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