Why Do Veterinarians Push Kibble Pet Food?

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A veterinarian knows more than anyone that dogs and cats are carnivores. So, why will a veterinarian denounce a raw food diet for your pet and push kibble instead? They are beholden to big kibble.

Who is big kibble? All the manufacturers that make crappy dog food that is sitting on the shelf at pet stores or your local grocer. Let’s look at why vets are beholden to big kibble.

Big Kibble Pays For Scholarships

Big kibble gets them while they are young, impressionable, and just starting to form opinions in life. They get their brand and products in front of students.

Why are so many veterinarians so faithful to big kibble? They pay out millions of dollars every year in scholarships. Big kibble sponsors events, scholarships, and conventions for veterinarians. They use their marketing dollars wisely and invest in the people that will push their products for the next 30-40 years..

These companies are smart. They put their brand in front of these students early at FFA events and offer money for tuition. This builds trust and loyalty. Not only with the up and coming veterinarian, but their families as well. The big kibble brand name is branded into their psyche, and they never forget it.

Why Is Kibble Dog & Cat Food So Crappy?

Because it is full of all the stuff that dogs and cats don’t eat naturally. Corn, soy, grains, rice, vegetables, you name it. These are cheap commodity fillers that add weight to the bag. Your dog or cat will poop out most of this stuff.

When is the last time you saw a dog raid a vegetable garden?

But that same dog will kill a squirrel, deer, rabbit, or chicken in a heartbeat. Why? That is the natural diet of a dog.

The same goes for cats. Our cats go outside and kill rats, birds, and even snakes. Why? They want to eat them.

It’s not rocket science.

Vegetables are Filler For Dogs & Cats

Where does it say that dogs and cats need vegetables?

Vegetables are the main filler in these premium dog food options you see online. Yes, these options are much better than kibble but you are better off just buying some raw chicken legs or turkey necks from your local grocer. Dogs and cats don’t eat vegetables.

Just because an animal CAN eat something, doesn’t mean they SHOULD.

Real Meat Diet Means Less Poop

Humans and pets in the United States poop like crazy. Why? We eat too much filler. There is so much extra bulk in our foods that is not needed.

Shoving extra bulk down your throat only taxes your system. The same goes for your pets. Putting your pet on a raw food diet will make them poop less. The reason for this is meat, organs, and bone are the most digestible ingredients a dog can eat.

Raw Bones are Not The Same as Cooked Bones

You want bones in their natural raw state. Cooked bones can cause issues with dogs. Always feed raw to prevent any issues.

Veterinarian Can Get In Trouble

Go easy on your vet. They are good people taking good care of your pet. They went into a good field and all they want to do is build a great practice and retire one day on a piece of land. Many don’t know any better. The system has failed us, not your veterinarian.

Veterinarians don’t want to get in trouble. Big kibble has so much power and lobby in the United States. If a veterinarian goes off the reservation and doesn’t toe the line, they could get their license pulled. They could get called before an advisory board because they gave advice that wasn’t approved by the “blah blah pet blah blah veterinarian association”.

I once listened to a podcast where a veterinarian recommended a raw dog foot diet to all his patients. The reason he recommended it was because he was seeing jaw-dropping results in the dogs and cats he was treating.

This veterinarian would not give out his name on the podcast. He feared the board that holds his veterinarian license would come after him because the advice wasn’t approved by them.

I can tell you why it wasn’t approved by them. Big kibble pays their bills.

Smell that smell?

It’s money.

Follow that money trail and see where it leads you. I bet it leads you right to the front door of Acme Kibble.

Pets Are Second Class Citizens

You might be asking. Why do we feed our pets this crap?

Because pets are second class citizens in our world. They do get treated much better today than they did in the past.

These second class citizens are the ones that give unconditionally. Maybe putting a little more thought into what we are feeding them won’t hurt.


I don’t recommend any kibble food. No matter how expensive it is. If you are paying for premium kibble food, you are most likely getting ripped off. You can feed your pet real raw food for less money and prevent many of the modern day health issues found in pets. Do you furry little friend a favor and feed them a raw food diet.

Have a look at this YouTube Channel. The founder of this channel goes into great detail about feeding a raw dog food diet and how to handle a pack of dogs.

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