Why Can’t Everyone Have a Blue Bubble?

I really did wait to cook the steak… I’m not that mean.

Is it me or do you cringe when that green bubble pops up when sending a text message from an Apple device?

Is the message going to make it? Is the message going to jamb up? Green bubbles don’t play nice in group text messages.

Does that make me a blue bubble snob? Maybe so.

Let’s face it. Apple has the best messaging platform out there. And they know it.

That blue bubble lets me see:

  • When someone is responding
  • When a message is delivered
  • Read receipts if someone has them turned on
  • Rich links

iMessage has gotten even better in iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur. You can now pin conversations to the top. This is great if you have lots of conversations.

On the Mac you can now send GIFs like you do on your phone.

I spend a lot of time in iMessage because I schedule customers through the messaging app. The messages app currently takes up six gigabytes of my iCloud. That is a ton of messages.

The blue bubble is my friend.

I have not used other messaging apps like WhatsApp, so I can’t comment on those.

I try to keep it simple.

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