What Does It Take To Fix An Election?

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Sheep. A country full of sheep.

And lots of corruption.

Your average American is not a sheep. So how does this happen?

As you go to sleep at night the wolves are watching. The wolves work in the dark of the night because it cloaks their deviance.

The cover of night allows them to get away with everything. And they have been getting away with everything for years.

Everyone knows election fraud has been going on for years in the United States. We don’t want to believe it because the average American believes in the greater good. They have faith. They want to have faith.

The number of lobbyists, pollsters, charities, and consulting firms in Washington D.C. runs very deep and they all have their hand in the cookie jar. They are all fighting for same lump of money.

Politicians are self serving narcissistic individuals that go into government to make money. Some have money going in and some don’t. But they all have way more money leaving than they did going in.

To fix an election you must first convince everyone that election fraud does not exist.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.

Ask yourself?

Are you going to be a sheep or sheep dog?

A sheep is helpless. A sheepdog protects and watches over the helpless and keeps the wolves at bay.

The wolves are watching.

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