There Are Moderators and Abstainers

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Food addiction is real. It is as real as drug addiction.

I would say it could be considered much worse since so many highly addictive foods are legal. These legal foods that we consider household staples and eat every day have been purposely formulated to be addictive so you come back for more.

Modern Day Foods are Stimulants

Modern day foods are formulated like a drug. These fast, convenient foods are made with the cheapest ingredients and exist everywhere from the packaged foods at your grocery store or what you find at a fast food restaurant. It’s all the same things. They have been engineered to make fireworks go off in the brain.

These foods have been designed by food companies to make you want more. To make you snack more. To keep you coming back. They are fully aware of what their product does to the human brain. They say it’s a self-control problem but its really not. The foods have been designed to make you fail. And fail you will.

Moderators and Abstainers: What does it mean?

It means some people can moderate (control) how much they eat and others can’t. These people can stop eating and show self-control. They push away from the table and say “I’m full”, or “I’ve had enough”. They are moderators. These people can moderate how much they eat.

The second group doesn’t have this kind of self-control. Once the cookie, French fry, or (fill in the blank) hits their taste receptors, their brain goes crazy and wants more. If these people want to make a change in their life, they have to abstain from certain foods. It’s black or white. You can have it or you can’t. It’s that simple.

If you are highly addicted to food and fall into the abstainer group, then you will most likely need to change almost everything in your life to make a real difference. These foods will most likely be sugar and/or carbs because they are the most addictive. And, sugar is in everything. That is how they make foods more palatable when they remove the fat.


Some people can eat certain foods in moderation and have no issue stoping. They can choose to have one slice of pizza, one cookie, or one slice of pie. These people are moderators and most likely don’t make food central to their life. They don’t think about food like others do. Why is that? I don’t know. It could be the way they were raised.

Maybe these people have hobbies or jobs that consume most of their time. Maybe they are better at having self-control when it comes to cravings. Or maybe they were fed a lot of sugar when they were young. Moderators can eat a more “balanced” diet because they can control what they eat. Is that better for them? I don’t know. That is for them to decide. But, don’t for a second fool yourself into thinking you’re a moderator when you’re actually an abstainer… someone who should be 100% abstaining from certain food because you have no self-control.


The second group can’t stop thinking about food. They think about it when they first wake up in the morning. In their head, they have already planned out their drive to work as they get dressed in the morning. This type of person is thinking about which donut shop they are stopping at, which coffee shop has the best pastries, or which fast food restaurant has the best breakfast. And they are not even hungry. They just think they are.

For these people, food triggers a monster. A creature that lives within that is fueled by addiction to food. This monster is powerful and controls their life. This monster will make them gorge on food when they are not hungry or eat cookies till they fall asleep into a sugar coma. The next thing they know, they are getting in the car and pulling through a drive through window of a fast food restaurant. And they don’t even know why. They are not hungry. They eat the food and get their fix which satisfies them for ten minutes and now they have to live with the side effects.

This type of person is an abstainer. This person has to choose certain food in their lives that control them and 100% abstain from them. The same way an alcoholic has to abstain from drinking alcohol. It’s no different. These foods are so addicting and so controlling you will never be able to take your life back until you quit them. Whatever it is you are addicted to is controlling your life. And, control is an understatement.


Do not compare yourself to the person sitting to the right or left of you. You have to walk your walk every day. The person next to you might have the ability to moderate while you have snacks hidden all around the house. You need to do what’s right for you and only you. The end goal is to feel better. Thrive not only survive. Get rid of all the pain and inflammation in your body that is caused by the destructive foods and snacks you are eating. Only you can make this change and you might have to go to extremes to succeed.

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