The Best Outdoor Games for a BBQ

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Wondering what to do outdoors these days? Who’s “game” for minimal stress, lots of laughing and having a blast with everyone? With so many homes now having family areas extended to the patio and outdoor kitchens, why not take the entertainment outdoors as well. Spending time with family and friends is important. We are so controlled by electronic devices that we seldom find time to revert to simplicity and play some old-fashioned games. These days however, we find them in giant sizes so that the whole family can join together.

Connect Four

Connect Four is a favorite childhood game that we all played on the dining or coffee table. Now we can all connect with each other and enjoy the fun. I definitely recommend bigger on this game. Enjoy at home or pick up and take it to the party. You can enjoy this at birthday parties, barbecues, church events, camping or even inside when the weather is bad and you’re looking for different entertainment options. The games come in white or wood grain and the pack includes a travel carrying case. Set up the game for a quick tournament while grilling on the pit.

Original or Giant Jenga

Most of us know this game by its original name, Jenga, but there are other versions of this famous concentration game with the same concept. This too is better in a giant size. Giant Jenga will keep the brain going strong and in full concentration on this giant wooden tumbling timber game. Standing over 5 feet tall when playing, this game is built for the outdoors with protected wood and durable enough to handle the fall as the pieces come tumbling down. Grab the large size for outdoor areas.

I find one of the best things about this game besides the entertainment value, durability and workmanship is the nifty carrying case. Many recommend this game because it includes the carrying case. No more searching for the lost pieces or the family dog using one as a chew toy. It’s simple and you’ll always have your game ready.

Both games will give you years of enjoyment and you’ll be the hit of the party. Fun for everyone and both are thrilling for all ages. The original Jenga game for table tops is still a hit and you can grab one here. Always a winner!

Giant Checkers

Third, I highly recommend Giant Checkers. This is one of the best classic games we all know how to play. This checkers game is easy to pack with a durable and very lightweight rug that can be tossed into a bag for easy storage and carrying. This checkers game has three games in one with two more on the reverse side of this rug mat. Very safe for all ages and no sharp edges to watch out for. Grab it and go. Easy to pack for a road trip or vacation. A fantastic idea for stocking stuffers and birthday gifts.

You can’t go wrong with a game of checkers. Brain power, manipulation and strategy will keep your mind exercised to its full potential. You can even mix it up with the little kids and grandparents playing for hours of good quality entertainment. This game has stood the test of time and will continue to be popular for years to come.

If you are looking for an even larger checkers set, you can go with the 5’ x 5’ Outdoor Backyard Checkers Set that makes quite the conversation piece. Each individual checker piece is 8” around and 1” thick. You can fold up the mat for easy transport. The game is so large it is physically demanding as you have to walk to move your checkers. Kids and adults alike will have to put their phones down for this one which is not a bad thing. You’ll have fun as big as the game!

There are so many things to do with our backyards being extensions of our homes these days. We are hosting BBQ and grilling parties outdoors so why not take our entertainment venues out as well. These games will go a long way in keeping your guests entertained for hours on end.

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