The Best Cookie In The World

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Have you tried the greatest cookie in the world? Was it in Sweden or Belgium?

For some reason I always think Sweden or Belgium would have the greatest cookie in the world. Probably because they are known for fine chocolate. I haven’t visited either country, but hope to do so one day.

I have tried a cookie that I feel is currently at the top of my list. To this day, I have not had a better cookie.

The dough is cooked to perfection with a real butter taste. It has an amazing flavor that I have not seen replicated anywhere else.

The cookie has a slight crispness with a thick chew. Unique and hard to pull off.

There is chocolate in every bite. A few different types to please every connoisseur.

Pretzel provides a bready crunch that is not found in many cookies.

Toffee offers crunch and sweetness that compliments and blends with perfection.

Large flake salt tops the cookie and provides that amazing sweet and salty combination that sets the cookie apart from others.

I have always said that salt is one of the most important ingredients in a gourmet cookie and it’s often overlooked.

The greatest cookie in the world would be subjective. Everyone has a different opinion on the best chocolate or ingredient.

What would you call such an amazing cookie? I am going to tell you.

The Panera Bread Kitchen Sink Cookie 🍪

The Kitchen Sink cookie has everything in it but the kitchen sink.

It comes as no surprise that Panera Bread could pull off such a feat. Yes, Panera has other wonderful cookies but the Kitchen Sink cookie is in a league of its own. It’s special.

It does come off as a surprise that you have never heard of the cookie. You are probably wondering, is this on a secret menu? Don’t know.

Interesting story. I was in the drive-thru of Schlotzsky’s getting a “Big S” chocolate chunk cookie. A great cookie in its own right.

The manager approaches the window and takes my payment and then hands me the cookie. Before I leave, he asks if I have ever tried the Kitchen Sink cookie from Panera Bread.

That is how I discovered it. A competing establishment recommended I go to their competitor to try their cookie… while I’m in the drive thru buying a cookie from them. Crazy huh. 🤡

I thought to myself, that must be an amazing cookie. Sure enough, he was right.

They only make so many a day, so you need to get there early to grab one.

I recommend sharing it with someone as it is a royal gut bomb. I think I read somewhere online the cookie has around one hundred carbs. Get ready for a nap.

So many cookies look great behind the glass or in their fancy packaging, but few cookies can drive it home like the Kitchen Sink cookie.

It might be the best cookie you have ever had in your life. Or, you may have already found the holy grail of cookies.

If I find a better cookie, I will update this article. Until then, long live the Kitchen Sink Cookie!

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