No Covid Holidays For You

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Since when can government tell the people of the United States of America they can’t gather for the holidays. What country are we living in? These people are absolutely crazy.

Please pass me the communist cream corn. Can you hand me the totalitarian casserole? These are going to be the name of your side dishes during the holidays.

We now have government officials telling citizens they can’t spend time with their families during the holidays. They can gather, but it must be ten or fewer people. We all know that is not going to work for most families.

We have government officials getting caught gathering in large groups not wearing a mask. It’s ok for the elite ruling class to gather, get their hair done, or spend time in large groups with no social distancing.

If the elite gets caught, all they have to do is apologize afterwards and everything is fine. At least that’s what they think.

The same goes for these fake newspapers all over the country that will post any story whether it’s true or not. The main goal is to have the headline seen for days so it makes its mark on the public.

Once they get called out for their fake story, they post a retraction with an apology saying their source was misinformed.

The damage was already done.

Don’t stand for it. Do not let the elite ruling class control every aspect of your life.

Now more than ever you need to spend time with family.

Vote these people out of office or your world will change as you know it.

That is if you can trust the voting machines.

Do as I say, not as I do.

Elite Ruling Class

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