Make Millions Running For Political Office

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The advertising manager for your political campaign can make up to ten percent of your advertising budget.

If you make your spouse the advertising manager of your campaign, your household is making ten percent of whatever your campaign spends on advertising. Or, you can hire any other family member to manage your advertising.

So, if you spend 200 million dollars in advertising, you can make up to 20 million dollars running for political office.

This is money that was given to you by people who thought you were going to make a difference. And you had no such intention.

All you do is run for office now and then and you live off the riches. You don’t have to win. You don’t have to come close.

All you need is people to donate to your campaign and you need to spend this money on advertising.

That is how you launder the money through your “campaign”.

You would never actually want to win. That would mean you would have to actually do some work.

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