Crush Your Plastic Bottles to Save Space

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If you are like most people, you probably buy a lot of bottled water. When you go to any membership warehouse to shop, every cart has cases of bottled water stacked high. It has become a very popular way to drink water because it’s convenient.

Moreover, marketing companies (soda manufacturers) have convinced everyone that they need their water to be smarter and vitamin enriched. Whoever said marketing didn’t work?

I have been saying for a long time that plastic bottles are going to be a real problem. You have an item that never previously existed and now is sold in the millions every year. I am referring to bottled water. Years ago, people would have thought you were crazy to purchase bottled water. Today, we buy cases of it every year.

That is on top of all the soda, juice and energy drinks that are purchased. I hope the industries that sell all this plastic know what they are doing.

Where is all this trash going?

Hopefully, its being recycled, but let’s face it. Many of these bottles get thrown away in the regular trash every day. And, landfills are not growing. They are not making more land.

The next time you go to throw away your plastic water bottle, do this one simple thing.

Crush it. Put your back into it. Crush it. Crush it real good! đź’Ş

Take the lid off and grab the bottle at both ends. Twist the bottle as you bring your hands together to remove the air. As your twisting, crush it to make the trash as small as possible. Put the lid back on and you’re done.

I am not saying this is going to solve the excess plastic issue, but it could lessen how many times you have to take the trash out. And overall, it will take up less space which is a good thing.

This can help if you’re on the boat at the lake, a BBQ cook off or any other event.

Less trash is always a good thing.

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