Cats Drinking Water From The Faucet

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Turns out, your cat is not the only one.

The first time I saw him do this I thought we had a million dollar cat. I pictured myself slowly circumnavigating the world on a trawler yacht while millions of dollars were flowing in from the cat video I posted on YouTube. Turns out I was wrong.

I did a quick search on YouTube and found that my furry little friend shares a common trait with many other felines. He is fascinated with watching water flow out of a kitchen faucet. He especially likes to watch it flow down the drain. And, he takes the occasional drink for hydration.

In the master bathroom, our cat likes to sit and watch me shave. At least thats what I thought he was doing. He is actually watching the water come out of the faucet and down the drain. He will occasionally drink water, but he mostly sits and watches the process while staring at you with his Garfield eyes.

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