Can You Blog Without Images?

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Maybe. Maybe not. Only time will tell how well it will be accepted in your niche.

This blog has no consistent images and the plan is to keep it that way. What that means is I don’t wait to publish a post until I can find the perfect image. If I have something to say and no image, I publish the post.

I also have featured images turned off on the archive page at the time of writing this. Things might change over time, but as of right now the goal is to just write.

The market will determine if the content holds up without images.

Ten Times Faster to Publish

Writing blog posts without images makes the process so much faster. It also makes the process so much more enjoyable. Now, whether you can pull this off on your blog is another story.

I write in the Ulysses app on iPadOS and it allows you to publish directly to WordPress right within the app. Writing is elegant, streamlined, and quick to publish. Not having to deal with photos makes this process a joy to write instead of being a burden.

Too Much Confusion Online About Photos

If you search for “How to Get Blog Images”, you will find all kinds of results. Some websites will say it’s perfectly fine to use photos found on the internet as long as you credit the photo to the original owner.

Other websites will warn against using photos found online. I agree with them. We once used a generic cartoon we found online on our small business website. I open my email one day to find a company out of the Seattle, WA area was asking us to remove the photo and pay a fine.

My first thought was it was a scam. I did some deep research into the company and even called another company in Europe that was supposedly the owner of the photo. It was legit. We had to pay around $150. We got off easy. I have read online where some people have had to spend thousands of dollars. Not good.

Moral of the story. Take your photos yourself and you will never have to worry.

Don’t Need Image Optimization Plugins

If you don’t have any images on your website, there is no need for an image optimization plugin. Most of these are free in the beginning, but as your blog starts to grow you will need to pay a monthly or yearly expense.

This is another plugin that needs to be updated. If you run a wordpress website, you are all too familiar with updates.

Culling and Editing Images Takes Time

Many bloggers simply won’t post anything because they can’t find the perfect image, or they don’t feel like processing the images they took. It takes time to deal with images. Lots of time.

You have to shoot the image. Next, you have to cull and edit them on your computer or iPad. If you don’t have an image optimization plugin in wordpress, you will need to export the image in a smaller size so your website doesn’t slow down.

Your Traffic May Suffer With No Images

You will have to decide what works for your blog. Certain types of websites like advice and counsel, news snippets, opinion pieces, and short stories will be fine without images.

If you are running a food blog, think again. You most definitely will need images. Lots of images of succulent dishes that you have prepared. You want your readers and followers to be engaged.


Writing can be a great way to express yourself. You may enjoy writing from real world experiences or create fictional stories that are full of mythical creatures.

Whatever it is you write about, be genuine with your audience, and they will keep coming back for more.

Or you can bribe them. 😈

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