Bone on Bone Knees at 90 Years Old

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When you’re just a kid playing baseball, you don’t think about the impact it has eight decades later. The young boy played ball from elementary school until he joined the military baseball team and eventually drafted by the Baltimore Orioles training camp. All these years playing catcher literally caught up with him years later. This young boy is my dad.

He’s on track to hit 90 this next birthday and for years I’ve watched him battle with his hurting knees. He rarely complains but in the last 10 years he’s had trouble “warming them up” as he calls it. Sitting at a restaurant for a family birthday dinner for a couple of hours will stiffen his knees, and he has a hard time loosening them up when he is ready to leave.

Not being a fan of doctors, he eventually went to an orthopedic practice to see how they could alleviate some pain. He was first injected with cortisone which gave him some relief, but he left with a handful of prescriptions for muscle relaxers and painkillers. Exactly what he wasn’t looking for.

Putting an elderly man that doesn’t take medicine daily on painkillers and muscle relaxers only masks the problem and can possibly create addiction to these medications. But that’s how the doctors run the cattle through. During his exam, X-rays were taken of his knees and like we thought he was “bone on bone”. While the cortisone provided some relief, surgery was suggested but my dad didn’t want to go that route at his age.

Retirement came later in life for him as he started his business at 53 and continued working until about 85 years old. So, he needed those knees to do his work. After giving up on doctors either wanting to do surgery or fill him up with medications, we decided to change his diet and remove foods that cause inflammation. The simple route.

He also had some stints implanted for his heart during this time, so we decided it was time to change his way of eating. WOE as I call it. We trashed the box crackers and chips, out with the frozen prepared dinners and in came real food.

He now eats eggs, bacon, real meats, real cheese, and we don’t hear a word about the knees. Keeping it simple and eliminating instead of adding has been the best decision for his quality of life.

Now the young baseball player can organically reminisce about the memories of playing ball without inhibitors like prescription drugs to cloud his mind and numb his life. He has also improved his overall health and 90 is amazing!

Never let the fear of striking out get in your way

Babe Ruth

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