NEW Tibetan Lambskin Bean Bag Chairs

 Ivory Tibetan Curly Lamb Bean Bag Chair - 3'

Ivory Tibetan Curly Lamb Bean Bag Chair - 3'

These Tibetan bean bag chairs are to die for!   The silky feel of this beautiful Tibetan fur is amazing.  So soft and it looks so cozy. These Tibetan Sheepskin Bean Bag Chairs are a new product we are offering.  Right now we have them in stock in the Ivory color which is actually the most popular color for this product.

You can still order from the colors of Tibetan Pillows we carry but the bean bags will be a custom order item and can take up to 120 days for it to arrive in the U.S.. 

Nothing can be cozier or more comfortable than relaxing in one of these chairs.  This new style only comes in the Large size which is 3'. We also have Australian sheepskin bean bag chairs in both 3' and 6' styles.  

Who needs a recliner?

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