Best Design Uses for Mexican Serape Blankets

Best Design Uses for Mexican Serape Blankets

The Mexican serape blanket is a significant piece in your interior decor. It can be used as a multi-purpose accent item in your home. Whether you carry a rugged, rustic theme or a cleaner, more modern appeal this is an essential accessory to pull color into your own style. 

How to Decorate with Mexican Serape Blankets

The Mexican culture is full of many items that have an easily recognized motif. Mexican food restaurants display items that portray this culture. The rustic Mexican decor pieces are often handmade and have a unique “one-of-a-kind” look. With a passion for this style, I began to collect pieces found along my journeys. 

I discovered the decorating style found in your local box store is sprinkled throughout many homes. Typical wall art, metal pieces and accessories are abundant in these stores. Being a bit eclectic and not a junkie of traditional styles, I sometimes take a piece and give it my own artistry touch or use it for a different purpose than intended. 

Serape Blankets as Accents

Mexican pieces contain vibrant colors that can add to any sort of interior design. The rustic, Southwestern style complements Mexican design and when used as an accent piece it will perfectly set the mood with color, texture and sometimes imperfections. The Mexican serape blanket is one that I use quite often. I have always admired the color patterns available in these blankets. The fringe adds a western flair for my kind of design. 

You might have a contemporary, clean-lined, neutral concept. The Mexican blanket will thrive in this environment as well. The colors will pop in the neutral color scheme. Nothing beats a contemporary look with a splatter of rustic pieces to contrast the design.  On the other hand, the rustic warmth with a bold and vibrant blanket will add more coziness to your room.  

Blankets can add to your wall design and act as art pieces. They can be easily hung with a small nail on each corner. If the blanket is large, a 1” x 2” piece of wood trim can be used to keep it from “sagging” across the top. A few small nails will do the trick. Blankets look fabulous in a niche to display them in. Mexican tapestry pieces are a superior touch when needing something on the wall for a splash of color. There are tapestries that are made with the serape pattern and related Mexican attributes. 

Serape blanket rolled up in wildlife scene

Serape blanket rolled up in wildlife scene


I rolled a serape blanket up on a shelf where I created a wildlife scene with the blanket as the main color in a medley of natural tints. The result was outstanding. The scene created was indicative of a camp site in the desert with a Mexican serape pallet for a siesta. 

Serape Window Accents

A super crazy design that can liven up a room is to convert the blankets into Mexican drapery. They can be purchased made as a curtain panel or you can sew them yourself for a custom look. They will excite a window that wants all the attention! 

Serape Blanket Window Accent

Serape Blanket Window Accent


Mexican restaurants commonly use serape blankets as curtains but just imagine the side perimeters of a large picture window in your home with these brilliant colors framing it. Add in a little Borracho wall texture, an easy DIY project with the use of some of these drywall products and tools, the transition of the wall texture can come about even if you currently have standard texture.

If serape curtains are a bit too much, then add a solid color to soften the look.  For example, a panel in real or faux suede paired next to the serape panel. Simple as 1-2-3. You could even extend the design into your bathroom with a coordinating serape shower curtain. That alone will complete the bathroom pattern while adding solid tones as your accents.  If you have serape bedding as the main focal point, soften the accent pieces with solid colors rather than those with patterns.

Serape Designs in the Kitchen

The perfect complement to your Mexican feast is a serape table runner or table cloth. They can turn an ordinary dinner into a Fiesta! It’s a fantastic idea for a western themed wedding or event. Bunch up the blanket or runner and coil it around the dishes on a buffet table.  It gives the table some depth and texture around the serving dishes and the serape print doesn’t overpower the table decor.

Dishes you might ask, do they make dishes with a serape print? Can I use them if I already have serape prints throughout the house? Definitely on both questions. For a kitchen with a rustic decor use the serape print in your dinnerware as a main accent to the neutral style of a rustic farm table. This can be a subtle addition or a first step in adding this style to your home.  But a word of warning, if the design of the dinnerware doesn’t match the design already being used you might want to reconsider. It can clash and make the whole design a flop.  The serape theme has endless possibilities even branching out to your wardrobe.


Wearing Your Serape Clothing

I, myself love to dress in a western rugged style. Typically pulling together a serape shirt matched with washed out, cut off jean shorts. For those who dare, slip on a pair of fringed moccasin boots. 

Layer yourself in turquoise and silver jewelry and it is a timeless look. A turquoise piece is your "little black dress" of jewelry. It never gets outdated and for some reason, just sets off any outfit. Silver, of course complements the turquoise perfectly.

A quick winter tip, top off a solid outfit with the serape blanket ponchos. Leggings or jeans will work well with a layer of serape style and a western cowboy boot.  Can you say Hola Señorita?

Another type of Mexican blanket with many purposes is the Falsa blanket. These are used a lot in yoga practices. Yogis roll or fold them up for their Savasana. Personally, I love to curl up in mine as that “needed” wrap while relaxing. 

While not in use as a blanket it is rolled up and serves as a pillow on my leather couch. It’s a fantastic way to accent using these blankets without spending additional money on pillows.  A serape throw pillow is perfect if you lean toward the look of a square pillow framing your furniture. 


Other Uses for Serape Decor

In the Southwest, kiva ladders are a popular decor piece where the blankets can be draped across the ladder rungs to display their beautiful colors. I personally have a ladder with three blankets displayed and it makes a perfect filler for the large space I needed to complete.

The Falsa blanket is a thicker cotton with a looser weave to it. Typically not in the brighter colors that graces the serape. I grabbed a little Falsa cross-body bag on a trip to Mexico and draped it across a piece of furniture to provide color without even brushing a stroke of paint or stain on the piece.  

Serapes gone to the Dogs? I recently met a puppy wearing a “fetching” serape dog sweater. We love taking care of our pets and this will definitely keep them warm while spicing up their wardrobe. 

There are many uses for these serape blankets other than it’s purpose of a blanket.


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