Apple News Forces Their Narrative

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The best stories from the sources you love, selected just for you.

How sweet that is. That is so nice of Apple to select stories just for me. I feel special.

Now, how about you let me remove what I want from the Apple News sidebar. Is that too much to ask?

I currently have Election 2020, Covid-19 and Racial Justice stuck to the side of my Apple News. Can I remove any of these? Nope.

I have to stare at them every time I launch the app. Why? Because that is what Apple wants me to see. It’s that simple.

Why does Apple choose topics to display in the side of Apple News that you can’t remove? Does that make a lot of sense?

Yes, to Apple it does. Many of the stories shown push the same narrative by one side.

It’s just another way big tech is getting involved in your life. Big tech wants to be your daddy. They want their little sheep to fall in line.

And for a minute there I thought Apple really cared about my privacy.

Is it private to force me to look at something in your app that I don’t want to see?

Is it private to muddy up my news experience?

What’s next Apple?

A fixed set of bookmarks in the favorites bar of Apple Safari that can’t be removed?

A sidebar in Apple Pages or Keynote showcasing your latest political agenda?

I pay the Apple Tax. I pay a premium for your beautiful hardware and software. I have been doing it for twenty years. And, I’m ok with that.

I believe in capitalism. You have something in high demand and market determines price.

I love Apple products, but this is ridiculous and is why I don’t take Apple News serious. Not to mention, politics has taken over all aspects of our lives.

You can’t read your favorite technology or car website today without politics or someone’s political agenda being injected into the article.

All video streaming services today inject politics into their platforms and there is no way to turn it off. Hollywood has been doing this for years. And, its getting old.

Apple is first and foremost a technology company that sells their goods to everyone. If they want to have a page on their website or a building on their campus that handles social issues important to them, great. That’s commendable. But, don’t push your agenda on all your customers who buy your products. That’s not commendable.

I will be deleting the app off all my devices.

Good try Apple!

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